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About Afterverse

on Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:32 am
The Earth, Our Universe, along with twenty-five other surrounding universes are gone.

A cosmic catastrophic long in the coming. Death -- the complete eradication of 26 universes. All life within the respected universe were erased. The event will forever be known as THE COLLAPSE. The first to notice this cosmic destruction were a group of dimensional beings called THE 6. Seeing no way to stop this cosmic cataclysmic event fully, The 6 took it upon themselves to to select those CHOSEN from the inhibitors of Earth as well as countless others from across the cosmos, save them, and populate the next universe that shall be created.

As the end drew near, Earth security force The Federation has a contingency plan for such an event which could save at least 500,000 of Earth's people. The creation of 2 great arks, each housing 250,000 and can operate on a skeleton crew. Worldwide randomly selected individuals, ages 55 and under were picked for the 2 arks. Meanwhile different Earth resources, plant, and animal life were collected and stored upon The Federation's orbiting space station.
Filling both Arks they activated Project Genesis. Vanishing into a pocket universe, the 2 Arks along with the space station escape just in time as the Earth, our universe, and those 25 other universes that were colliding into ours imploded onto themselves in an instant wiping out all life in all 26 universes simultaneously.

Coming of the Cosmic Entities

The Cosmic Deities all gathered together from throughout the Omniverse to this void of WHITE. Among those present: Seliitoren "The Eternal Celestial Queen", Syynclair "The NewBreed", Myinna "The Living Realm", Sonau Mitsukai Desdemona "The First Child Messenger of Blood Well", Issac Hiram Weller "The Seccuvus", Sigmindr "Son of Rognvaldr", and many others...
Together with The 6, these Godly beings agree to work together in creating a NEW universe. Contributing their own influences into this new creation, this AFTERVERSE is the new playing ground of life.

Your Roleplay Role
A fresh start and new beginnings. Upon the forth planet of the new universe called "After-Earth" is where The Federation space Arks landed. This planet is almost doubled the size of old Earth while the gravity is a bit stronger. This planet has 3 moons, lush vegetation, new minerals and wildlife to discover. Your homes are the 2 Arks themselves "ZEAL" and "RAPTURE" The 2 Arks transformed into massive cities and are roughly 180 miles from each other. The Federation space station orbits the planet in between the 2 cities. As a survivor of the old Earth, you're rediscovering life on this new Earth. Explore your new home, discover the wondrous sights, and embark on an all new adventure.

Meanwhile elsewhere upon the third planet under the same double star (2 suns) system are those that were CHOSEN by The 6 from the past Earth. This promise-land is one you were destined for. Casting aside your past life, here you live as a king with your fellow CHOSEN. You ARE special. You are gifted and those higher beings that dwell in space hand picked YOU to continue life and the evolution of your species into something beyond. Bond by the laws of gods, in this roleplay you carry yourself at a much higher standard. Your abilities, gifts, and talents are what got you selected. Great advancements and tech lay at your feet. It is time to write your own name unto the stars. Venture through your world. Discover many secrets and spread your wings. Soar high and never look down. Explore Thessious, 2 and a half times bigger than Earth of old, the third planet and its 5 moons.

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