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Mundane Magic (BioCollison and Ayla)

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:42 pm
Aerii stood behind her old wooden counter eyeing the patrons of her shop Tea and Trivials warily. In this space where reality and fantasy mixed anything could go wrong. ANYTHING. A lesson she’d learned the hard way just a mere month ago, with a bit of disdain her eyes of liquid gold narrowed and shifted to her new shop boy. Michael Grayson. The mortal who royally fucked up her perfectly dysfunctional life and made it a thousand times worse. The longer she stared at him the angrier she got, the feathers hidden between locks of her blue-black hair ruffled with her ire and she struggled to keep herself from turning the wood beneath her perpetually black talon like nails to sawdust.

Gritting her teeth as she watched him move about the spaces between tables a tray laden down with a clear glass tea pot and cups with cream and sugar for two elderly women sitting by the floor to ceiling front windows where the warm spring sun shone in casting a reddish tone to the hardwood floor and the mahogany tables and chairs. Michael wore the same black apron all her employees did, with a light green t-shirt and well-fitting jeans that hung off his frame oh so temptingly. His pale blue eyes their typical disassociated flat color, his sandy blonde hair was tussled in that “I just rolled out of bed” kind of way and pretty features that were so enchanting Aerii had originally wondered if he wasn’t some kind of immortal like herself. He was almost too handsome to be mortal. He was slightly shorter than average, with an athletic build that was on the softer side rather than hideously toned.

“Handsome, isn’t he?” Whispered Aerii’s friend, sister in witchcraft and (other than Michael her only) employee Dawn McAddams. A tall, voluptuous and leggy chocolate brown brunette with skin that always seemed perfectly tanned even in winter. Her forest green eyes alight with mischief and magic. The slender and petite Aerii was easily six inches smaller than her companion. With moon pale skin that had almost a silver cast, her lips always painted black or blood red were truly a pale pink color. Now however painted a shiny black they turned down in a scowl.

“Sure, if you like pretty boys. If I hadn’t been tethered to him last week I’d have thought, he was a girl.” Aerii scoffed rolling her eyes and going back to cleaning the counter. A task she’d almost forgotten in her irritation over Michael.

“Bullshit, Aerii. You and I both know he’s fine for a mundy. I’m tempted to make him my little pet for the weekend.”

“Hate to burst your bubble but your place is far beyond the spell’s limits I’d have to come with.” Aerii sighed.

“Oohh, even better, a handsome young man and his beautiful keeper mine for a whole forty-eight hours? Delightful!” With a playful kiss to Aerii’s cheek Dawn spun on her tennis shoe covered heels and Aerii watched as her wide hips swayed back and forth in her short denim skirt and tight fitting t-shirt combo that drew more than one pair of eyes in the establishment as she hustled off to help someone between the shelves of her apothecary section, disappearing from view. For a moment Aerii frowned down at her own attire. Black leather pants that were like a second set of skin, and a well fitted leather corset that tucked in her already slim waist and pushed up her modest breasts to give the appearance of cleavage. Black platform combat boots graced her feet, giving the appearance of height that wasn’t there. Compared to Dawn she must’ve looked rather androgynous in form. Compared to Dawn, who wouldn’t? The small dark haired witch scoffed silently.

With a sigh she pulled out her phone and checked the time as Michael walked over to her counter with a tray full of used tea pots and cups. “Shift’s over Michael. If you don’t hustle, you’ll be late for class.” With a much kinder tone she shooed him with one long elegant hand toward the door. “Just be back here before I lock the door.”

It wasn’t truly his fault. It was just a series of bad luck circumstances and magic (or lack thereof) that got them to where they were now, Michael, living with her for the foreseeable future, working in her teashop part-time while he went to college, his classes supplemented with lessons of her own. Lessons in magic and the secret world that lived among the mundane… or below it.
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Re: Mundane Magic (BioCollison and Ayla)

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:47 pm
@BioCollison wrote:There is a moment in one’s life where you look at what’s going on around you, and it makes you take a step back and ask yourself, “How the hell did I get here.” It was more about managing to get yourself into a specific situation. Sometimes it was these circumstances that you found yourself caught in with no way to turn things back. That was very much the regards of my very situation as I found myself carrying a tray of cups, teapots, silverware, and random rubbish that I had collected while clearing the café tabletops. It was less about the whole having a job at some tea shop and more about the circumstances that landed my position here. After all, this job was provided to me against my will. You would think I could just up and leave a job I didn’t want. Oh, no, this was not that easy. It was a bit to explain exactly how I stumbled into this mess that had become a daily part of my life.

As I walked up to the front counter top, the shop owner and the very origin to my situation addressed me in some regards. I knew she had said something, but I found that I had this habit of not paying attention to people initially. She was no different as I stared at her for a moment before comprehending what she had said to me. She was an oddly pale woman, almost as though she has never seen the light of day or something. In fact, in the short time I actually spent with her, I don’t think I have ever seen her in the sun at all. Maybe my assumptions were true.

Giving a little shake of the head and looking right back at her, I realized what she was saying to me, as distracting it was to stare at her. Class, how I dreaded that, although, I couldn’t really decide what I hated more, working here or sitting in classes. That was something I debated as I walked to the back to drop off the tray into the kitchen as I passed through the double doors with the memory of how this all started. Dropping off the tray into the large stainless steel sink, I would stare back at the doors as I remembered the first time I peered through their windows and witnessed something that changed my life forever. Something I wish I could undo. But I was stuck with the happenstance I had gotten myself into.

It didn’t take me long before I had returned to the front of the shop and started to grab my bag from behind the counter. Looking up towards Aerii, I noticed that she had hardly moved from where she stood before heading out back. I’d have stared a bit longer had it not been for the loud knocking on the glass that grasped my attention. Just outside I saw that my two friends Jonathan Parker and Lesley Gaffigan. The both of them were the only reason why I ever visited this place in the past. Ever since I started working here, it was just more of an excuse for them to stop by now. The both of them dated, so it was pretty rare to find them separate.

Looking at them it made me wonder why I was friends with them in the first place, compared to me, looks alone, I was very much different from them. Taking my apron off and pulling my Varsity jacket over my shoulders and my bag in hand, I strode out towards the door. Turning back I spoke towards Aerii,

“Alright, I am headed to class now. I’ll be back later. I’ll probably back sooner than later. My last class got cancelled.”

In all honesty, my last class wasn’t cancelled; I just didn’t want to attend the class today. Philosophy was just an elective and it hardly grasped my interest at all. But it was an elective class that I had to take to get some prerequisite classes.

Walking out I immediately saw the very “hipster” couple that I somehow surrounded myself with. They had been waiting at the door for me.

“So, why exactly did you get a job here again, Michael?”

Jonathan said with a grin about his face as though he already had an idea as to why. I looked to him as he adjusted his thick squared glasses. What was it about hipsters and those thick framed glasses anyhow? I hardly think Jonathan really even needed glasses for them to even be prescribed. The grin that was etched on his face was notable with his thick scruffy beard. Well, it was notable because he always had to have a toothy grin. I don’t think I really ever saw him smile without showing his immaculate teeth. Was it even human to have teeth as perfect as his? Who knows, I certainly didn’t. Either way, he took care of himself, if you could argue wear skinny jeans and everything plaid day in and day out was considered a healthy lifestyle. But who was I kidding; I wore plain T-shirts and jeans almost every day. If he was odd for his style, then I would have to be as well for my own.

“We all know why he is working there,”

Lesley would announce as she started leading the three of us to head back onto campus. She was your typical kind of girl that wore a pair of torn up leggings and a skirt worn over it. And if she wasn’t dressed in all black, best bet the apocalypse would soon follow. She always wore some form of band T and some sort of jacket to compliment it. Today, she was wearing a Led Zeplin shirt with a leather jacket. Jonathan was the very definition of that lumberjack looking hipster all clean cut and scruffy hair, while Lesley was that almost goth hipster sort of girl.  They somehow got alone together.

“So, did you get it in yet?”

Jonathan asked curiously. He was really quite nosey, even more so since he was my roommate and I have spent pretty much the past few weeks not in our apartment. Not that it bother him much. It meant more alone time for the both of them.

“What do you mean?”

I knew what he meant, but I wanted to pretend I didn’t so I didn’t have to defend my circumstance. If I came off already knowing what they meant, then they would argue it was on my mind and was my intent.

“Oh come on, the only reason you are working there is to get the goodies from the girl there.”

Lesley professed as though she knew exactly what I was feeling in these regards.

“I didn’t get the job here just to have sex with her, guys.”

“I call bullshit!”

“I agree. There’s no way the two of you aren’t screwing. You are almost never home anymore.”

At this point, the both of them had stopped in front of me waiting for me to admit to their assumptions.

“No, I just work late a lot. You both do usually have classes in the morning. Majority of the time I come back to the apartment when I get off shift and neither of you are around.”

I don’t even know why I lied about such a specific thing. But honestly, I didn’t know how to explain my situation to them. Well, I couldn’t actually explain to them why I was spending every night at Aerii’s. Whatever was done to me, literally prevented me from being able to.

“Bullshit! You are such a shitty liar!”

“I can tell when you are lying Michael. Just admit to us that you two been fucking. There’s nothing wrong with it! In fact, we would both be proud of you, you finally being less awkward around people other than us.”

“I’m not screwing her, would you two just cut the shit, and keep going. We do have class you know. The both of you insisted I take this class with the both of you, and now you want to show late for it? Come on. I have enough shit to deal with.”

“Whatever Michael, be stingy with all the details”

The both of them turned away and started walking again, me following a little bit further behind.

“Stop it, Jonathan. He will admit it to us eventually. He is just a shy boy,”

Lesley said with a bit of a giggle.

I wish I could tell them what was going on. It stressed me out so much and I couldn’t do anything. The only person I could talk to about it was Aerii, and I was pretty sure she hated me. Hell, I was starting to fail all my classes. The way things were going, I wasn’t even interested in school anymore, and I was going to fail out of them anyways. With everything going on, I might as well just embrace my forced situation.

Backtracking on the thought of the door into the kitchen, I drifted back to the day. Jonathan and Lesley ditched me at the shop that day. They were having some kind of argument. I didn’t really care what it was about. But I was basically at the shop on my own. And well, on the way to the bathroom was that kitchen door. Had to take a leak, and I glanced over and saw something I should not have seen. Ugh, why did I have to be so nosey?

By the time I realized I had drifted on that thought for far too long, I found myself sitting in class and lessons had just ended. I don’t even know what went on in class. Well, fuck…
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Re: Mundane Magic (BioCollison and Ayla)

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:49 pm
Wide blue eyes stared back at her in confusion. Mortal eyes, Mundane eyes, unsure of what they’d just witnessed. Eyes showed only half-truths after all and this particular young man had just witnessed an African Savanna Giant become a very handsome (very tall) African American man from the deep South in a circle of runes written in chalk and surrounded by salt mixed with blood, her palm still dripped into the salt. The spell was still fresh on her tongue and magic tasted sweet in the air.

Her sharp eyes watched as goosebumps rose on his skin as a delayed reaction. Human’s reflexes were so slow compared to an Other’s like her own. Abdu, the giant stepped forward menacingly to take care of the Mundane interloper but, Aerii was quicker putting her small and slender frame between the two males protecting the mortal. “Leave payment with Dawn.” She said shortly nodding toward the front of the shop. Her elegant fingers wrapping around the young man’s wrists, feeling his quickened pulse against her skin and the scent of mild fear drift to her nose as they were left alone.

“I’m so fucked.” Aerii whispered...

Aerii looked up, startled as the silver door bells rang.The shop was technically closed and she'd been about to turn the potential patron away only to see her mother: Hecate standing past the threshold. Her beautiful blonde locks hung in tight ringlet curls down her back to her waist, her build curvier than Aerii’s though they were the same height. Her skin a glorious sun kissed tan.

Hecate Galanis looked utterly pissed. Her icy blue eyes glacial with her emotions flashed white with her power. Her new husband's olive toned hand clasped her shoulder in comfort. His green eyes narrowed as well, his regal features taut. “I come back from my honeymoon with Desmond and I find you let a Mundy just waltz into our world all willy nilly!?” Her mother all but screeched making Aerii’s sensitive ears ring.

“I'd like to point out it was an accident. What are you doing here mother, I thought this ‘hovel’ was below your most sophisticated standards?” The younger half breed scoffed. Hecate Galanis might have been her biological mother but, by no means had she raised Aerii. As High Priestess to all Witches her duties to her people had outweighed her devotion to her only child. Aerii more often than not had been left in the care of nannies or once she got older her mother's sister Persephone, a much more caring mentor and Guardian.

“I came to scold you for your lack of care!”

“Thanks, but, Head Council Member Anhimark took care of that.”

“What?” Desmond hissed, “You took a mortal to the Underrealm? You should have brought him to the Circle.” The Circle, a group of twelve of the oldest most powerful Witches and Wizards the world had to offer. They were also the most blood thirsty, connected by magic, blood and spirit the Circle had a shared consciousness and were the Witches government, even above High Priestess Hecate.

Aerii narrowed her golden Raven's eyes at him pulling her lips back in a hiss, a habit she'd picked up from Vlad, her aunt's long time lover. The King of Vampires had a soft spot for feather haired women. “Why so they could have killed us both? At least with Council I had a chance of surviving.”

“I'm sure your father loved that.” Hecate scoffed flicking a yellow curl over her shoulder. “Everyone knows just how much he loves you.” Her mother's full lips curled up in amusement. “I'm sure Vladimir saved you from a certain death.”

“He did. He at least cares for me.” Aerii was a half breed. Stuck between two worlds that didn't want her. Royal blood on both sides, Aerii was a Princess to two thrones that would never have her on the seat. With that thought Aerii took a step closer to Hecate and sniffed the air around her, taking in her scent. “When are you due, mother? December?”

Hecate's face flushed red with shame and Desmond stepped between mother and daughter. “You can scent it so soon? That's beastly!” His eyes betrayed his disgust and Aerii seemed unaffected by his jab at her less than perfect bloodline.

“Yes, well I am half Raven. Comes with some very advantageous perks. Like enhanced senses. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to finish up for the night, and my mortal should be here for his lesson.”

“Lesson, in what how to pour tea like a good little servant?” Desmond sneered.

“Yes,” Aerii lied, keeping her features even. “I want to open a second location and he'd make a good manager. Since we're bound together until further notice. So, congratulations on your new little Prince and get out of my shop.” Aerii did not want to endanger Michael further by letting it slip to her mother he was resistant to magic. That would be a true death sentence for him. If Mundanes were evolving to be magic resistant it could... would mean the end of the Super and Preternatural communities.

“It's going to be a boy?” Hecate said hopefully as she was ushered out by Desmond.

Aerii didn't bother to answer.
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Re: Mundane Magic (BioCollison and Ayla)

on Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:50 pm
@BioCollison wrote:It was not long before I found myself gravitating back towards the shop. As much as I had hated being forced into this world of things I knew nothing about, I still managed to abide by what I was demanded to do. Not that I knew much about the world before. I sighed as I stood just before the window of the shop, rubbing my eyes really not paying much mind to what was going on inside, at least initially. But I suppose old habits die hard as I had come to realize that Aerii was inside speaking with two others. They were unlike any normal people I had come across before. Certainly, it meant they were people from her world. I did not so much hear about what they discussed. Instead I observed their behavior. Although the three were relatively civil, they were in no way friendly towards each other. Some manner of quarrel was certainly going on.

I stood there not wanting to get involved. I scratched my cheek a bit as I yawned looking through the front window of the shop as they seemingly snapped back and forth between each other. Most of it was between Aerii and the other woman. Who knew what it was actually about. It all changed when the man was making an effort to direct the woman outside. The two now outside and walking past me, I turned and watched them leave. I don’t know what I even did it. Hell, I didn’t even hide the fact that I was un-mindfully observing them. Following opposite suit to them, I made my way inside to silently greet Aerii.

I did not want to say something. Part of me felt she would realize I was back from my classes early. Would she notice that I was back way earlier than I was supposed to be? Would she know I skipped my last class for the day? If she did, I didn’t want to talk about it. She already seemed peeved from her guests prior to their leave. I just wanted to go lay down, and I had a feeling I was not going to be able to do that at all.
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