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Afterverse RP: The Yellow Moon Horrang -- Underground Technical City Fortress of Chosen

on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:39 am

[~|~]Beneath the surface of the fourth largest moon orbiting After-Earth is called Horrang (hoe-ru-ang) rest the advance technical city fortress Lucid. Just shy of six-hundred miles below, here this great city deals with first contacts as well as the continuing mapping of the new universe. Thought the surface of the moon is deathly poisonous to most living creatures the underground isn't plagued with such troubles. Besides the poison, the surface of the yellow moon reflects the rays of the systems stars in such a way that temperatures almost one-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the moons surface material the heat releases a vapor thus creating the poisonous gases. The fortress city Lucid is fueled off this heat as well as the power cells created from the exposed terrain.

Residing near a processor engine monitoring the fluctuating flow of life passing through all is Nabi Child of The Enchant. She lays seemingly in mid air upon the ever flowing streams that fill up space, speaking softly unto herself as sky-blue eyes gaze beyond the confines of her present surroundings. Nabi has chosen to locate herself here at Lucid rather than Varlus. Truth be told she could have chosen to be anywhere given her status before The Collapse. Of those beings that were Chosen Nabi and her folk were of the first races selected. Though their numbers never exceed a hundred at a time, Nabi is the latest and the eighth strongest among social rank.

A small vibration on her left hip alerts Nabi of something interesting. "GhoolGodden Appraches" spoke the small device causing Nabi to grin uncontrollably. Quickly she adjusts herself to an upright position before stretching slightly and then flying off towards Observation Room Gamma. The observation room wasn't far at all. No more than three old earth minutes away. Upon arriving there were technicians about monitoring everything from the creation of new stars to the survivors from the old universe. Nabi made her way towards Jorgi, he is of Nobusout blood which was a neighboring race of that of Nabi. "Jorgi!" Nabi's expression didn't phase for a moment. She still grinned with much excitement. Turning from his station briefly Jorgi sees Nabi and knew exactly what it is that has brought her here. Without a word he turned back and dialed in a few buttons. On one of the hundreds of images playing the scene change, enlarged, and motioned towards Nabi for her own personal viewing pleasure. The holo-screen is forty-eight inches and on it showed a blue dwarf star. But the star isn't what excited Nabi. It was the mechanical looking creature flying up to it. GhoolGodden, a god to many races. This serpent-like space god has a length of around five-hundred thousand miles. Zooming in on the creature Nabi's expression lights up even more.[~|~]

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