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Blood Well Arena - Info

on Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:24 am


You have entered the "Blood Well"

Welcome to the arenas of Blood Well. Some would describe your arrival as brave, whilst others would describe this act as moronic. You must understand that this arena is not for the feint of heart. We revel in nightmares, gore, agony, and of course...death. Your part here is as simple as a cog in an unending machine that is the cycle of life to death. Blood Well is physical, Blood Well is aggressive, and Blood Well needs you to either feed it with your victories or your defeat. Regardless of the outcome, you will be doing us a favor.

We realize you might be somewhat deterred from this arena based on our harsh description of our beliefs. If it is any consolation to us, we care not if you join the living nightmares that are the arenas. Whether you test your luck in the ten dedicated arenas of the Children of Blood Well or not is your own loss. If you feel the need to invent a nightmare, Blood Well is willing to satisfy your curiosity and deliver you a nightmare anathema to fight in against your opponent. However, this does require your involvement, and we expect it in abundance.

Finally, beyond the nightmare revelations of this area you have wandered into, each arena of Blood Well is a living thing, connected to the living entity known as Mother. Although this has no connection to you or your story, we shall warn you briefly that a living arena is as unexpected as it sounds. Beyond walls bleeding, creatures birthing, and the landscape changing at will, there is so much more to expect out of an arena with unkind intentions. Be wary if you intend on joining us.

If we have sparked your interest, feel free to explore this page further, fill out our quick registration, and start looking at opponents or events that frequent this land.


+Post Size: Multi Para and UP+.
+Battle Types: 1v1, 1vX, 2v2, XvX, Tournament (Chosen Before Your Match).
+Battle Post Order: Turn Based or First Come First Serve (Chosen Before Your Match).
+Matches are between those who requested to fight each other or were matched with one another, do not interfere unless stated in the match rules that you may.
+Match expectations are as follows: Rules are VERY uninvolved in fights here. Blood Well is a place of struggle and strife, you are supposed to face the impossible obstacles and overcome them. Needless to say, if someone is clearly MODDING, Autoing, or Controlling the Match for their favor, I will either: discuss this with the individual responsible, correct the problem with BLOOD WELL retaliations, or END the match. You are expected to battle it out, even if you find it unfair. I am not here to tell people how to fight...I am here to supply a different way to fight and sum up the end result of the match if you cannot. (Just as is every judge I entitle).
+With this stated, please battle as frequently as possible. I am evoking a post per day policy that is more of a guideline than a rule. But doing so will keep the fight moving...even if your post is not up to par, anything is better than nothing.
+YOU ARE REQUIRED TO POST UPON THE LAST DAY OF THE FIGHT! If the individual who is next up to post, does not post upon the final day (assuming the match is not completed and is time-based) then the unresponded individual will receive the brunt of the final post their opponent threw at them as though they were unable to block said action.
+Time is limited in DEFAULT Blood Well match styles, so please get as many posts down, enjoy the complexity of living arena's.

Enter the Arena of Blood Well - Character Creation
Leave all hope, peace, and compassion before you venture further. We only need your understanding that our mortal bodies feed the soil we step upon. Do not expect greatness from joining Blood Well, expect a harsh environment with the absence of mercy from your opponent. If you understand these words we speak, then feel free to enter at your own pace. If you lack understanding, then perhaps you were made for this arena. Do you agree to the above-stated rules of the Blood Well Arenas? {}

What is your character's full name?

What is your character's species?
Unknown is not an acceptable answer.

What is your character's blood type?

Character Quote or Flavor Text:

Division Questions
Combat Type:

Select from this list as many options apply to your character:
{}Body is stronger than mind.
{}Mind is stronger than body.
{}Power is introverted.
{}Power is extroverted.
{}Death is the end.
{}Death is the beginning.
{}Overcome at all costs.
{}Only fight if victory is assured.
{}Loss is a lost cause.
{}Blood powers the veins.

Explain your character's power(s) in detail:
Be specific and thorough so we understand your character.

Explain your character's fighting prowess:

What techniques does your character possess for combat?

What items/trinkets/weapons does your character possess or manifest during combat:
From clothing to disembodied artifacts, include anything here that might assist your character beyond their inherent strengths.

What will you achieve by fighting in Blood Well?

Add an image of your main character entering the arena:
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