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Blood Well: Origins - Surviving Posts (Arc O)

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:39 pm
The Verdin posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
Sulette for as long as Remus could remember always presented this idea of leaving. Much like her, he too wanted to leave this forsaken town. However, unlike her, he was very patient and was waiting for such an opportunity that would comfortably eject him from this town without regret. Having had seen the count, Remus knew he wanted to ask him to allow him to travel with him. Though he was a noble, he seemed to understand the honest manners Remus tried to present. Unlike Sulette, she would take and walk without so much as a conscious. She was a beggar trying to be a chooser.

There was overwhelming sense of intent from her this time. It was as if even she believed her own words when she said that she was serious. He did not want it to be mistaken that he too wanted to leave. Deep down he felt that she believed he did not though. “You know,” he said with his oddly proper speech that he somehow always carried about himself. “That is the first time I’ve heard you say that, and actually sound like you mean it.”
As he took care of the Counts horse, feeding it with food and so forth, he gave himself a bit of time to form his words. “But you see, if we were to leave now, with so little understanding of what is out there, we will not be able to survive. We will be forced to return or killed out in that wild.” He would pat the horse’s nose as he walked away from the stable, motioning for Sulette to leave with him.
“If ya will, give me but a day to speak to the man we helped. He’s from the outside. We could ask him to bring us with him,” he would say providing a genuine option of leave. Walking back out into the dirt road, watching passer byers, he would await Sulettes response to his inquiry.

BoomHero posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
The sketch Maria was making was nearly done, just a few more details and it was done. After a few more minutes he was done. He then stood up and he put his diary/sketchpad away in his robes, his waist length blonde hair swayed with the wind.
"I probably get information on where the next town is"
As he cheerfully thought out, he felt a chilling stare as if there was someone beside him. Maria's real home was really far away and back there he was sort of a royal blood or so. He left because he want to explore the weird world he saw from the window of his former home.
"Whatever I do, they will follow me still. Enough of that, I guess I should check what kind of animals live here"
Maria sighed and continued down the road and went to the stables and saw an arguing pair. He took notice of the horses and thought that they are weird. Weird because they don't breathe fire or a stream of smoke. Then he once again took out his sketchpad and drew the stable together with the arguing pair, disregarding everything else there.
"They're an interesting pair, I kinda feel like shouting that"
Maria muttered as he continues to draw the scene before him. Disregarding anything else at the moment.

Creationist posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
Each motion of such a peculiar day seemed to drag on and grind down that previous spark I had kept earlier when I spoke with Remus. But now, even the afternoon sun, hidden in a fog, was weighing down myself. Each step I took was one step behind Remus, abiding to his direction which drove this horse to the stables I knew well of. My eyes caught the subtle caresses of the horse, and I solemnly breathed out a quiet irritation as Remus gave sound reason to wait...I might have listened to Remus, if it weren't for a persistent call that was demanding every fiber in my being to leave.
..."I'll wait for 'morrow's highest light...but no more than that, Remus..."
Each word I spoke was true, but I had a silent severity lingering as I stood by the stables, waiting for him to finish. I did not leave the stable, but responded to Remus all the same...
..."meet me by the west gate when yu are done talkin' tomorrow."
A sudden smile quirked over my lips and that unbounded energy pushed these feet right up to Remus by which I wrapped arms around him and giggled with an amused glance.
"I know yu'll be there..."
With that said, I trotted off and curved behind the stables, heading back to my quiet hut near the empty mines. The rain had stopped, but the grey remained.
I noted a few new faces as I jogged on, the two on the wagon looked very peculiar as I ran past the front of their wagon. Recklessly, I also nearly bumped into a covered man...large was his bow and quiver, and I caught the shadows of his eyes...still I managed to shout, "Watch It!" while I ran off from this figure. I kept running until I reached the door, quietly adjusting to this moment.
The sudden idea of taking flight was the only thing I could possibly dream about...I could not wait to begin my journey, which was the resulting of why I was pulling a thorough-bred horse down the backstreets with a large pack slung over my shoulders. Many would have assumed another local was packing up and leaving if they saw me, and they would be right. Still, I waited at the West promised...for as long as I could muster.

Seliitoren posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
Their pace is steady and slow as the siblings observe all in this the first town. The only form of excitement dashed by in a frantic flurry; it appeared to be a young lad with red hair due to the matter of appearance and the rather unsightly disposition. Looking from whence the red head came, the siblings noticed the inn along with the stable. Upon reaching the tavern inn they gazed upon another youth. This one they could tell it was a lad; passing him to the stable the pair coldly stared at him in silence. Though the pass was mere seconds, the siblings were both hooded covering any deep recognizable features with the exception of pale flesh.
They dismount in front of the stable and walk their horses in. The sound of something jiggling echoed from the solid landing. Walking the horses inside the siblings saw there was another traveler present. Judging from the steed whomever it belonged to must be a traveler of wealth and possibly vast knowledge. Leaving the stable the siblings made their way inside. Making arrangements for only a single stay the two realize this town isn't the most busting place for information. Once in their room the two remove their hooded cloaks a relax from their travels.
"It's a bit depressing. To think this is the town of legends. The first."
"Agreed. We'll rest then take our leave tomorrow continuing west."
With a nod of her head Lill decides to retire with her brother Ell following in suit. The next morning the two partaking in a morning practice their father taught them before having breakfast. They took up their belongings and made their way to the stable. The sun wasn't quite overhead yet meaning they would have some good travel time. On their horses they strolled through the town heading for the west gate. Upon arriving the siblings saw the frantic red head from yesterday. Looking at her now closer the siblings make the discovery that the red head was a female. Ell being the more astonish actually spoke what he thought.
"Well I'll be...? It was actually a lass. How deceiving."
Ell spoke with a light chuckle under his hood knowing that he and his twin sister deceive people of their gender constantly.
"It would appear she too is leaving this depressing town of first's. Safe travels."
The small discovery had the two halt for a moment. Upon Lill's blessing of safe travel the two started to move again in their steady pace to the next town.

The Walking Turtle posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
The last few days in Fousture had left a rather sour taste in the Count’s mouth. He had been through the city, searching high and low for the two ruffians he had met upon his entry into the town. The acrid stench of his own foul body odor mixed with the sharp pungent scent of alcohol assaulted his nostrils, and he skin itched with the dirt of an unclean body. Osen Bela looked older than his years, bedraggled even. He walked in a slow, awkward shamble through the streets of Fousture with a glass bottle of “fire-water” swampshine in his jeweled hands.
Those dreams of his were far too ominous and supernal to be of welcome testament to his situation. There were answers, and he wanted them with the utmost punctuality! He shambled, his whitesleeve shirt stained with the grime of meat and wine, his travel coat gritty with flecks of mud, and his countenance unshaven. From the meager distance away, as he walked sidelong on the street to avoid a pair of new traveler’s, he spied the lad he had entrusted the caretaking of his roan to a day or so ago. The Count approached him, trying to smooth his composure over to appear regal, but failing with flying colors.
“You ther’ boy, I needa ‘ave a word with you.” He said authoritatively.

The Verdin posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
There was something in the magnitude of Sulettes words; it dwelled in the mind of Remus, distracted of his duties. He knew the gravity of what she had spoken was different this time. His mind was isolated to the conversation the two had, paying no particular attention to the mundane chores that he was tasked with to make ends meet. Simply, he stood, befuddled in his own thoughts, contemplating the decisions that he had to make. He knew now, Sulette was not going to wait for her. But he remained frozen in the dirt road by the tavern that he had led the count. With the few bit of coins he had managed to muster in the past few days. Remus found difficulty in the decision he had to make. But he knew what the right thing to do was to go with her. As ill prepared as he felt this endeavor was, he knew he couldn’t let her trek it alone. With his mind now made up, Remus gripped the coin he had, tightly in his hand as he stowed it away into a burlap pouch that he had fashioned together when he began collecting the assorted coins. Readying himself to leave, even without the talk with the count, as he promised Sulette, he thought it best to watch over her reckless behavior. Neither of them knew what was out there, especially he himself, someone who had been an outsider all his life. As he turned to walk to the west gate, there, the Count stood there, calling out to him. It rattled Remus a bit as he now felt a need of urgency to reach Sulette, uncertain of how long she would wait. Looking up for a moment, and even though this town was shrouded in a thick fog most of its days, he could tell it was nearly afternoon. But he had to respect the man who he had helped and unknowingly motivated him to consider Sulettes desire for adventure. “Sir?” he would respond to the disheveled Count Osen’s beckoning of him. He did not pay attention to the Counts authoritive manner of calling for his attention, but rather was distracted with wanting to cross his childhood friend’s path before it was too late. “What is it that you would like to speak to me about?” Remus added on hoping ot speed up the conversation so that he could get on to the other side of town swiftly.

Shi Ling posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
It was time to go late morning, as the sun was high in the sky. The birds were already chirping, and the sun filtering through the windows. A young Butler, with timed black locks, and green obits that watched everything around him, walks out of the small rustic Inn after check out. He wore a normal tailcoat. Lady Millard Delphi was walking out of the Inn, with her butlers hand in hers to guide her, Her Blonde locks were placed in a braided bun. Her Eyes lids closed as she could only see darkness. She was wearing a travel dress, which wasn’t as bold and expensive as her day to day clothing.
It was a normal busy day in Fousture, the streets busy with the citizens. Hoofs and footsteps, and many different sounds filled the Young Ladies ears for this was her only way of knowing where she was going. Clanking of some chain mail warned her that her six guards moved into the proper position, feeling that she was out on dirt, she turns slightly to Her butler and spoke Calmly to him, trying to not to show her frustration of his actions.
“Edward, how many times do I have to tell you I can walk without you?”
“But, my lady, we don’t want you to trip.”
Edward her butler, Eye brows knitted to gather concern touched his emerald orbs, but as ordered he would let go of her hand. Edward stands off to the side close enough to the woman, just to make sure. Millard keeps walking towards her destination, her ears picking up sounds in the area. She attracted much attention with the guards, which protected the young Oracle. Soon she stopped; it was time to leave this small village, as her butler spoke up to her.
“My Lady, We need to leave soon, let me get your Stead?”
“Edward you know how much I don’t like being on those beast.”
She would take sigh, and then slightly turned to one of the guards, with still a demanding voice to him she would speak once more, “You please bring my Stead,” with the sudden order the man takes stance straightening up and spoke with a ‘Aye, my lady’ and heads towards the stabled. She huffs in annoyance, now stading where she was waiting for the beast.

Creationist posted a reply on Blood Well Origins
(Reference Post for this segment found on Page One. Read my first post under Nov 17).
Although patience was running thin, I remained at the West Gate, keeping an agitated calm about those creases upon my forehead. I do not remember how long I kept that look, but it was beginning to set and I wondered if Remus had decided against my proposition. The subtle betrayal of the only true friend I had had pulled the joy I felt right from my body. I was staring into a puddle of muddy water, watching the opaque solution twist around between the clay and oil that lingered in the concoction.
It was in this daze that I realized that I heard a repeated phrase by a passing duo. Their faces or attire I did not remember, where had I seen them? The echo of a phrase of well wishes was there, but I could not fully come to terms with what they had said.
"Oh, sense waitin' for nuthin'."
The words were sour in my mouth, but I felt nothing for them. Remus had obviously found something in this town worth while, why should I take that from him?
The wooden frame and metal hinges of the gate screeched and creaked under the weight of its minimal use. I felt something welling at the brim of my eyes, a substance that felt sad, but I did not know if it was in response to my joy of leaving or my departed friend. The thorough-bred began to step forward as the open road set before its feet. I watched the mist dance at the edge of the overgrown forest. So many memories populated that space. I remember...
A motion drew my gaze to the swaying brush, where not a lick of wind had been present. Though any animal would have drawn my attention, something caused my heart to skip a beat and the chill of day was not as cold as the chill setting upon my spine.
I shouted out with barely any realization to how loud I resounded. But there was a face...and it was staring at me through the bushes swaying. A crude set of eyes with grime as paint upon their face, hardened-leather was strapped to the chest, feet, legs, shoulders...and then a sharp 'TWANG' struck the metal beam of the wall behind me. I realized an arrow collided with the wall, and then I realized that their was not one face protruding the forest, but many...far too many.
I could not find any words as I stood dead in my tracks, it was after an arrow slid past my cheek that I suddenly SCREAMED.
My shout erupted through the town as I twisted the horse's reins and struck the beast into a full gallop.
My cries screeched to those passing by, dazed individuals were slowly waking up to the realization that something terrible was happening. Wide eyes and heavy feet began to resound through the town. I road towards the stables as I shouted the last time.
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